Buckle your seat belts – Crazy new G.I. Joe 3 Rumor incoming

Uhh, yeah. Crazy.

As I hope you always do, take this information with a large grain of salt, is it comes from a completely unsourced site Film Divider and at this point remains a significant question mark.

But according to the site, G.I. Joe 3 is poised to bring Tomax and Xamot to the big screen in the third G.I. Joe film, along with long time G.I. Joe operative Matt Trakker–

Wait, what?

Matt Trakker? Yes, that’s right, the main character from Kenner’s MASK toyline from the 80s is officially rumored to be a part of the third G.I. Joe film.

Film Divider doesn’t delve into where this information came from or how this character addition could drive this G.I. Joe film (or others) but it’s a very curious revelation and not one that I would think would come out of thin air.

Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Buckle your seat belts – Crazy new G.I. Joe 3 Rumor incoming

  1. I don’t care at all about MASK but I can get on-board with that idea of Sam Rockwell playing the Crimson Twins. Rockwell chewing the scenery versus The Rock sounds like a good time to me. Paramount really should get on that.

  2. I was just thinking earlier in the week that a full-on MASK crossover/merger might be a really good vehicle for rebooting and revitalizing GI Joe into an adventure team — plus it’s an easy avenue to transformable vehicles, which means toys that stand a pretty solid chance of being very, very appealing to kids. There’s a *ton* of potential with this idea I think.

  3. I’d rather see actual twins, myself. Maybe Jeremy and Jason London? Nicholas Brendon and Kelly Donovan? Shawn and Aaron Ashmore? Can those twins from the Matrix act or just stand around silently? If they can act they could work too depending how they look without all the albino makeup.

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