Brawl Big at the 2015 G.I. Joe Convention!

Another reveal from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club, and it’s a reveal that promises a Brawlin’ good time in Springfield, Illinois!

Today the Club has shown us their next entry into the Tiger Force team, Big Brawler. Complete with his Brawlin’ shirt and his Brawlin’s sword, and… golden… weapons?

Using what appears to be a mix between Renegades Red Dog and Resolute Roadblock, Brawler stands tall and proud with a lot of firepower. Check out the image below, and keep watching for the latest information!


Preview for IDW Publishing Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra #2

I was very pleasently surprised by the first issue of Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra, which went in directions that I was honestly not envisioning…it certainly appears that Mike Costa has not lost any of the magic he had from Cobra and the Cobra Files.

The second issue is hitting comic shops tomorrow, check out the preview below.

G.I. JOE: Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra #2 (of 5)

Mike Costa (w) • Paolo Villanelli (a & c)

SNAKE EYES begins his mission for COBRA: tracking down the former COBRA COMMANDER’s son and bringing him in. But SNAKE EYES is not the only COBRA agent on the hunt… as Storm Shadow enters the fray, looking for revenge!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99


Bullet points:

  • Will Storm Shadow have his revenge against SNAKE EYES?

G.I. Joe Collectors Club unveils 2015 G.I. Joe Con Iron Anvil

One of my all time favorite G.I. Joe Convention figures is the Iron Anvil from 2005, who took one of my favorite base figures, the 1994 Cobra Viper, and gave it a great new paint job.

I was a bit surprised to see that the Collectors Club was revisiting their concept, but I was also excited to see how they would make it work, and as it turns out, they made it work pretty darn nicely. Using a newly tooled head sculpt and some great PoC era tooling, I love the way this figure looks.

While I’m not certain revisiting the Iron Grenadiers for a third time since 2005 is warranted, this figure is a very nice looking one. Keep watching for the latest information on the 2015 Convention and check out the mirrored image below.


JoeCustoms Custom Celebration – The GeneralsJoes Sigma 6 Project Final Day!

It’s been quite a week of custom fun with the JoeCustoms Custom Celebration, and I’m finishing off the week with my last two Sigma 6 themed customs.

Okay, I purposefully saved these guys for last…well…because I kinda love them.  It’s not often that I really get involved and drawn in by my own work…after all, I saw it in its messiest form, and even when something is relatively final I can’t help but think back to one of those late night work sessions where paint was slopped everywhere and I never thought I’d get it right.

Hi-Tech uses the head from the Renegades Duke that I’d torn apart for Long Range’s legs.  I had cut apart a few more metal plates from another vest and used Blackout’s goggles to build up that strange goggle contraption for his head.  PoC Beachhead torso and arms again, but I went with PoC’s Firefly’s legs because they look a bit more cybernetic.

Then I took two of those strange technical devices from PoC Beachhead and put them in assorted places on the figure as well.

The accessories were where I really felt like I had to go above the rest of these entries.  For his backpack I used the PoC Duke rocket launcher backpack with a Data-Viper radar dish attached.  Then… there was HOUND.

I honestly can’t quite remember how HOUND came together…I took two Data-Viper torso armor pieces and reversed them, then glued them together.  I cut up some of the long drone launchers and used those for the feet.  The head is a Data-Viper helmet and then the two Data-Viper missile pods with guns glued into them.  Honestly, I wish I could say it was some calculated project, but I really just cut up a bunch of stuff, mashed it together and added some super glue.

And here is Lt. Stone, my favorite Sigma 6 character, and one of my favorite G.I. Joe characters of all time.  My first Sigma 6 custom ever was Lt. Stone, but it was just a Reactive Armor figure and Retaliation Zartan arm.  I needed something better than that.

I tweaked the Marauder’s Falcon head, trimming down the eyepatch strap, and putting him on the PoC Beachhead torso.  For the left arm, I once again used quite a bit of Retaliation Zartan, but then added the forearm from Retaliation Firefly with the translucent green arm.  Using acetone and sand paper, I scraped off the layer of paint to reveal the green underneath, then cut up more of Zartan’s arm and glued certain segments to the plain arm underneath.  Added some paint, and the result was a nicely bulky cybernetic looking robot arm that worked infinitely better than I thought it might.

When I first started this project, I honestly wasn’t sure where I was going with it.  I wanted to make a few figures at first, but it expanded to nine total figures, and I have a number of recipes rolling around in my skull for other figures.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get to them.

For now, here’s a couple of team shots to show how these figures all work together.

I have to give some huge thanks to the guys from JoeCustoms for letting me bounce ideas off them and work through this project.  A bunch of friends very nicely provided me some parts, and this was a really fun project to work on.

Again, I realize the project isn’t perfect and it isn’t as clean as I’d like.  My ultimate goal was a ragtag team of renegade characters who were on the run from an overpowering Cobra force, yet managed to stumble upon a research laboratory of next generation technology.  So in ways, the hacked-together mentality works.

Hopefully folks have enjoyed this look at my Sigma 6 custom project, and I really hope everyone has been checking out the JoeCustoms Custom Celebration, they were an inspiration throughout this process!

Latest G.I. Joe Collectors Club newsletter reveals Sub-Viper

While folks have been getting all caught up on G.I. Joe Convention reveals, the Collectors Club slipped in a good look at the upcoming Cobra Wave Crusher w/ Sub Viper that’s being offered as a membership exclusive item for 2015.

Many folks assumed that the Sub-Viper would simply be a Repulsor repaint (since the original was a Sludge-Viper repaint), but I’m happy to say this does not appear to be the case!

While I will not post pictures from the newsletter here, I can say it looks like the Sub Viper build will feature a Rise of Cobra Aero-Viper helmet, 25th Anniversary Barbecue torso, Techno-Viper arms, and Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes legs. It’s a surprisingly effective approximation of the Sub Viper design and a much appreciated departure from Repulsor’s look.

As I said, I won’t be showing the image here, but check out the latest Collectors Club newsletter for a good look.

G.I. Joe Convention Tiger Force Lifeline first image revealed

The G.I. Joe Collectors Club has been pretty effective thus
far of keeping us guessing as to how these figures were going
to look. Dial Tone’s combined deco work, the 2009 Undertow
repaint, the unreleased Recondo deco, and the female Undertow
officer were all interesting curve balls in the convention
set reveals.

Lifeline pretty much follows status quo.

Using the tooling from the excellent 30th Anniversary
Lifeline, the Collectors Club gives him a very traditional
Tiger Force deco update and loads him up with his familiar
accessories. It isn’t an outside the box choice, but with such a great base figure, it’s tough to complain.

Check out for the latest, and the image is also mirrored below.


JoeCustoms Custom Celebration – The GeneralsJoes Sigma 6 Project (Day 4)

So far in this JoeCustoms Custom Celebration project, I’ve covered five different figures from the Sigma 6 world.  Today, I go a bit darker and cover a couple of guys I see as being on the black ops side of the Sigma 6 universe.

Spirit I ended up quite happy with in some ways, but seeing a need for improvement in others.  I used the PoC head sculpt and the familiar PoC Beachhead (well… 50th Low Light again) torso.  I chose the bare arms from PoC Jungle Duke.  Speaking of the arms, I’m not especially happy with the tattoos, and am considering using waterslide decals.  I have no experience with them, though, and didn’t really want to get my feet wet with this particular project.

His legs, by the way, are Resolute Snake Eyes.


As one of my all-time favorites, I wanted to do Long Range right.  I used the Retaliation Flint head sculpt and PoC Beachhead torso, but went with Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes arms.  I considered using the trenchcoat from that same figure, but I much preferred the dramatic motion sweep of the Renegades version, so ultimately I chose that one.  I went with Renegades Duke legs, and one of my 50th Anniversary Low Light’s sniper rifle w/ case.  By the way, he does have a ponytail attached to the back of his head as well.

I found the biggest challenge with Spirit, Long Range, and Snake Eyes was that they all used variations of gray/blue and I wanted them each to look considerably different.  I think it was successful all told.

Join me tomorrow for the final two members of my custom Sigma 6 team!

G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals Mindbender head sculpt test shot

I think most of us have seen the early image of the Collectors Club incentive Dr. Mindbender figure, but for the first time, the Collectors Club has shown the actual printed test shot of this new head sculpt.

It is impressive to say the least.

If you want to get your hands on this great update to the Cobra mad scientist, make sure you are a fully paid member as of March 16th!

Check out the head sculpt image mirrored below or on the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Facebook Page.


JoeCustoms Custom Celebration – The GeneralsJoes Sigma 6 Project (Day 3)

As part of the JoeCustoms Custom Celebration, I’ve been showcasing my Sigma 6 custom project… Duke, Snake Eyes, and Scarlett have already been shown, so  I tackled the comedy relief next.

I stuck with the PoC Beachhead torso again (actually I think this one was technically a 50th Anniversary Low Light), but used Rise of Cobra Reactive armor arms and upper legs.  For the lower legs I used Rise of Cobra Desert Duke, who had notoriously short lower legs, so I could maintain a sense of small stature for the demolitions expert.  For his head I used a unmasked Storm Shadow 25th Anniversary Tomax head with Low Light’s knit cap cut and transplanted via super glue.  If you didn’t realize, the Sigma 6 Tunnel Rat came with a small sled that he could sit back on, so I approximated that look with the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Firefly’s battle luge and made sure to lather on the dirty paint wipes.

Heavy Duty was a tricky one, though only because he was one of my first, and I didn’t do a great job of splitting the torso.  I used Battle Kata Roadblock for the majority of Heavy Duty, though I gave him the armored upper arms and legs from Rise of Cobra Reactive Armor Heavy Duty.  His head is also that same Heavy Duty with the top half cut off and the top part of a Cobra Combat ninja head acting as the bandana.

His torso was also a challenge.  I took an exacto and carefully cut out the armor plate from an Agent Mouse vest, then glued those armored plates onto the smooth torso from Battle Kata Roadblock, to replicate some kind of Sigma Suit.  It’s not the exact same look as the rest of the line up, but it works well in a crunch, and allowed me to go a bit bigger with this one.

IDW Publishing G.I. Joe Solicitations for May, 2015

IDW has released their solicitations list for May, 2015, revealing the details of G.I. Joe themed titles for the month.

Curiously, there is no indication of a regular G.I. Joe title release for the month, however both Real American Hero and Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra are present and accounted for.

There’s nothing for Transformers and G.I. Joe either, but I believe that’s a limited series which may be said and done by then. Considering the critical acclaim surrounding it, though, one must wonder if it’s destined to become an ongoing…

Check out the full list of solicitation information after the break.

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