Great new images of unreleased Cobra HISS Launcher ROC PIT Repaint

A couple of years ago at the G.I. Joe Convention, Hasbro revealed some concept work for an unreleased repaint of the Rise of Cobra PIT Playset. While the Pit itself was mostly looked down upon by the G.I. Joe fandom (a treatment I don’t fall in line with), I think most fans found the Cobra repaint(s) pretty intriguing.

To this point, though, we only had blurry phone pics of a slideshow to base that opinion on. But no longer!

Thanks to the Eagle Eyes of Brian Hickey, a gallery with some larger, clearer pictures has been linked on theĀ Facebook G.I. Joe Discussion Group, and I’ve mirrored them below. As much as I enjoyed the original RoC Pit Playset, this Cobra repaint does indeed look even more bad ass.

Look, I may be a bit biased… my memory of the Pit is my then-four year old daughter spending three hours putting the stickers on with me, and it’s one of my fonder G.I. Joe memories, but even without that, I think the Pit has some fun qualities, especially if fans can think of it more like an updated Mobile Command Center, and not so much like the ultimate G.I. Joe headquarters.

At any rate, check out the images of the Cobra themed repaint below.

4 thoughts on “Great new images of unreleased Cobra HISS Launcher ROC PIT Repaint

  1. I really like this!

    I kind of liked the Pit, too. Still have mine out on display and thought it was cool to get something so large for G.I. Joe at the time. It had some stability issues, though.

    This, however, looks really amazing. Great color scheme and some retooling looks to give it a completely different feel. Kind of reminds me of a modern version of the Rolling Thunder, Tactical Battle Platform, and big Cobra ICBM launcher all rolled into one.

  2. This isn’t a repaint but a kit bashed custom job. Take a closer look and you’ll notice a lot of parts form the True Heroes Rocket Launcher were added to the Pit.

    Whoever made it also used parts from the Sigma 6 Dragonhawk. There was a discussion a couple years back about it.

  3. Even as a mobile command center thing the ROC PIT was severely lacking. It was underscaled in all the ways (computer console, bunk beds, etc), the elevator in the middle wasn’t well-executed (couldn’t reach the top OR the bottom entirely), the vehicle ramp for the repair bay was inaccessible because of the side doors…

    Hell even the stickers were flawed. Like… there’s a sticker for a sink… but there isn’t really any proper sink “sculpt” or workable location for a sink anywhere on the playset.

    It was also too fragmented, with the med-bay isolated in the back, the “barracks” dangling off the side, etc.
    A valiant effort but ultimately came up short of anything fun, and this is coming from a manchild who still has ninja battles on his bed.

  4. Hm. For all your love of the ROC PIT…. I’m not seeing a review of it on your ROC Review page.

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