What’s On Joe Mind Special Edition 43 – BOSS FIGHT!

It’s been only about a week since the unfortunate delay of Boss Fight Studio’s Virtuvian HACKS line was announced. There have been many rumors and hypotheses for what might have happened, so the WOJM guys decided to go right to the source.

Erik and Dave from Boss Fight Studio joined Justin, Gary, and Mike to talk about the delay, and yes, to also get excited about what’s still to come.

Also, as a special surprise, they revealed artwork for a never before seen HACKS Wave 2 Barbarian action figure! You can check out that image below the Show Notes.

Check out the Special Edition on our Podbean Page or embedded below.


Erik and Dave from Boss Fight Studios stop by to update us on Vitruvian HACKS, Eagle Force and Caption Action.  We also spend an unhealthy but comical amount of time talking about Conference Championship Weekend in the NFL (before the Patriots cheated again), Zorro the Gay Blade and Hall & Oates…yes, you read that right – Hall & Oates.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “What’s On Joe Mind Special Edition 43 – BOSS FIGHT!

  1. Could I offer a criticism?
    There was some very distracting clatter in the recording, as if someone was playing with something like a pencil or some dice or something……it made what was said hard to hear in spots. The hosts have good clear voices, but the guests can have softer-spoken voices that, with the clatter, make it hard to hear them, and really…….there was info in this broadcast that I certainly wanted to hear.

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