GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS 3.0 Shipment #1

Do I need to maintain spoiler control still?

It’s been a week since the information got out onto the web about who was in the first shipment of the G.I. Joe Collectors Club FSS 3.0…  and some might say a week isn’t quite enough time.

So, for the sake of trying to keep a level of surprise for folks, I won’t mention WHO is in the shipment on this page, but if you click over to the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review Page you can see who came first, and check out reviews for both figures.

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5 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS 3.0 Shipment #1

  1. Great reviews, Justin. Seeing these really makes me wish that I had jumped in and signed up for the FSS. There are 9 figures from this series that really appeal to me so this probably would have been worth my while.

  2. I grabbed Big Ben, Psyche Out, Muskrat and Alpine from various resellers over the holidays since none of the Cobras interested me, I’m fine with the existing Hit & Run, and I figured I could kitbash Muskrat rather easily from a Marauder Inc figure.

    Repeater’s the one I was always 50 / 50 on. I’m still unsure that I made the right choice, to be honest with you.

  3. Psyche-Out has some terrible looking posture. Either the head’s too big or the chest doesn’t sit right. He just doesn’t look right.

    And Repeater the character is cool. He beat out Icepick and Funky to get on the team and the original figure had a specialized built-in feature that was simple but unique. These new figures aren’t hacking it. A big gun that kinda-sorta connects doesn’t cut it. Plus, that’s clearly a Marine cap.

  4. Recoil was released in 1989, not 1988, so Repeater was the best figure with tan digital camo in 1988!

  5. Repeaters head is awful. He has black hair! And the face looks almost pudgy. He had maybe the best vintage card art in the entire line. His figures just don’t stack up. You can buy a much more accurate head online for him BTW.

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