Boss Fight Studio Virtuvian HACKS Delay

When the Marauder Task Force delay was announced a short while ago, I saw some folks wondering if perhaps this didn’t bode well for the Vitruvian HACKS line, though at that point no one really knew what the issue was or if they were even using the same factory.

As luck would have it (bad luck) it appears that Vitruvian HACKS is suffering from the same unfortunate fate.

A Kickstarter update was sent out to supporters today announcing that production of the HACKS figures was going to be delayed by “a few months” as a result of not only the QC examination, but also compounded by the upcoming Chinese New Year.

It’s a disappointment to be sure, but I think everyone would agree, we’d rather wait an extra few months to get the product we really want rather than rush to market and end up with sub-standard product.

To ease the pain of this announcement, Boss Fight has also posted a first look at their spectacular Tartarus Guard, which I’ve included in this post. It’s an absolutely amazing looking new figure and will either excite you or enhance the disappointment that we still have a few months to wait before Virtuvian HACKS invades our toy shelves. You can read the full text of the delay announcement after the images.

Hey again, backers!

Thank you all, once again, Boss Fighters! You helped us unlock nearly 50 items this summer!

Up to this point, we have been optimistically targeting February as our initial ship date. However, due to current circumstances, which we will discuss below, we are going to have a slight delay in the shipment of our figures.

Along with the Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Kickstarter, many of you also contributed to the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter. The factory being used for both has been exceeding our expectations on nearly every level and what we have seen from them has been extraordinary. There were a few minor issues in the production of the Marauder product, which are being resolved. Our product will be produced at the same factory, and until those issues are cleared up for the MTF, our product will be pushed back. We are working closely with Marauder and the factory, and we’re optimistic that things will be resolved successfully and quickly.
Both Boss Fight Studio and Marauder are committed to providing the highest quality product possible and we are working together tirelessly to make sure the product for both teams meets or exceeds our very high expectations.

Next, because our items are being moved back slightly, our factory time is going to be pushing into Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival, which take place from February to March this year. For those of you who aren’t aware, this is a month-long celebration. During this time, our factory closes to allow the workers to celebrate with their friends and families.

When we started the V-HACKS project, we were offering 3 waves of 4 figures and 2 different Kickstarter exclusives, for a total of 15 items. As the Kickstarter moved ahead, full-steam, however, we added more figures, some completely new sculpts, along with some accessory packs, finishing with an amazing 50 different items!
Of course, when we inputted the time-line for our finished product, we had calculated for maybe reaching 30 items, but even reaching those stretch goals seemed unrealistic to us. We had no idea just how excited our backers would be for our figures! Even though we were given the opportunity to design, sculpt and produce so many additional items, we were still very hopeful that we would be able to deliver them by our February deadline. At this point, however, that is proving to be impossible.

We are estimating a few months’ delay and as we move along, we will be able to be a little less vague about exactly how long we are looking at.

We hope you all understand. We want you to be able to have the highest quality product we can provide. We will keep you updated as we receive more information and will make sure you are involved in every step of our progress. We know how excited you are. We are too!

Thank you all for all of your support!

Boss Fight!

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