G.I. Joe Collectors Club FSS 3.0 is incoming!

Get ready for some new toys, Joe fans!

The G.I. Joe Collectors Club just sent out notifications that FSS 3.0 figures have arrived at their warehouse and are ready to ship.  This is great news for folks who have been starving for some new G.I. Joe toys.  We should receive the first shipment by January 23rd, and the second shipment will be going out the final week of the month to get caught up.


I estimate my chances of having a new Hit & Run figure by the end of the month at 16.7%!  Check out the full text of the email below, but please don’t check my math…it ain’t my strong suit.

Happy New Year!

Yesterday we unloaded the container for the FSS 3.0 figures.  We are working on getting out the first wave to you this week.  You should receive the first wave by Jan 23rd.  The second wave will go out the last week of the month.  This will get us caught up from all of the shipping and port delays.

For those of you on the subscription billing, we have set the two billing dates:  February 2nd and March 16th.  Please make sure your CC is good standing before those dates.  You can change your information in thesystem so you don’t miss out!   If you are planning on moving before the end of May, you can update your shipping information at the same link above.

Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy your new figures!



G.I. Joe not appearing at Toy Fair 2015 – What does it really mean?

This has been reported in several places already, but just wanted to add my perspective…

It was revealed yesterday by Hasbro Public Relations that there would be no G.I. Joe presence at Toy Fair this year. My first reaction is actually one of thanks… I appreciate the advanced heads up just so the fandom (and those of us who cover the show) know ahead of time whether or not its worth making the trip.

It just so happens this year I have a full-weekend software deployment that weekend, so I wouldn’t have been able to attend anyway.

Secondly, I’m hoping this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to anyone. Mark Weber, in his interview with the G.I. Joe Collectors Club specifically said they’d have more information to reveal at JoeCon in Springfield, IL…the lack of even a mention of Toy Fair was an indicator to me at the time that February in New York City would be a G.I. Joe free zone.

I really don’t think this dampens any enthusiasm for the coming year. We can assume that 2015 will be more or less a repeat of 2014, product-wise, with the big push coming next year in concert with the third film.

Of course that does bring up the question of the third film… this makes me believe that perhaps that third movie will appear later in 2016. Obviously if production hasn’t really started yet (and there’s no reason to think that it has) then we’re still a little ways off, plus I would think they’d leverage Toy Fair (though SDCC is a possibility) as a place to debut toys for the new film. If they debut those toys next February, we can expect them not to hit retail until mid-year at the earliest, likely in concert with the film release.

However, if Hasbro does choose SDCC to preview movie toys, it could happen earlier, but the timeline is feeling mighty compressed as it is. Regardless, we should hopefully have a better idea come April what the short and long term future holds for G.I. Joe.