Merger talks between Hasbro and DreamWorks Animation cooled off?

A few short days after initial reports hinted at a potential merger between Hasbro and DreamWorks animation, the latest word is that those talks have come to an end. According to the New York Times, a dip in stock prices and internal pressure from Disney may have contributed to the deal falling apart.

It’s not especially surprising giving Hasbro’s deep relationship with the Mouse, being the primary licensor for many of their action figure brands, not to mention just recently sweeping the princess license away from Mattel. Disney is a very powerful voice in the industry and not one you want to be on the wrong side of.

It’s tough to say exactly what the combined forces of Hasbro and DreamWorks might have meant for the G.I. Joe brand, and now it appears we’ll never find out. Get more details at the New York Times.


2 thoughts on “Merger talks between Hasbro and DreamWorks Animation cooled off?

  1. Ok, Disney. Then how about buying Hasbro, then giving us a new G.I. Joe cartoon back-to-back with Star Wars Rebels?

  2. I wonder if Hasbro wants Disney to buy them out, and this was an attempt to make them “jealous”.

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