Darkness Falls Episode 31 – The Valley of Death is now online

After pushing their way through the maintenance tunnels, the G.I. Joe team is on the precipice of striking at the heart of the Cobra Command structure…  but they’re not there yet!  One last obstacle stands in their way in the form of the Cobra Imperial Guard!  Can they make one last push through this final obstacle, or are the Commander’s most trusted and powerful personal guards too tough for them?

Check the Darkness Falls section, or click the episode link below.


One thought on “Darkness Falls Episode 31 – The Valley of Death is now online

  1. Hello Justin! I love your blog! Your diostories have been
    absolutely awesome! I was wondering where the Crimson Guard Immortal is from?
    It looks like the 2003 CAT II driver but that version does not have a light
    blue helmet. The helmet is the same color as the body. Is this an international
    figure or a preproduction? Thanks! Awesome dio story, can’t wait until Sunday
    to read the next chapter!

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