Select Kindle Worlds titles on sale at Amazon has launched a sale on many of their Kindle Worlds offerings, including a couple of my own books.

Normally $3.99 they have been marked at sale prices of $1.99, which makes it a perfect time to get caught up on my G.I. Joe universe.  For folks who have been enjoying my dio-stories over the years, that universe began with my “Price of Peace” books, all of which are currently on the Kindle Worlds platform.

Check out the following links below to take advantage of this great sale!

There are scores of offerings from other great writers, too, so take this opportunity to do some G.I. Joe reading!


Transformers Legacy Package Art book on sale at!

No, you didn’t accidentally hit the wrong toy website this morning, I really am talking about a Transformers book.

Why?  Well, first and foremost the authors Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster have also worked quite a bit in the G.I. Joe realm with the Field Manual books, and I consider Jim a good friend, so I’m happy to send some traffic his way.

But this is a bit self serving, too…  I think we’ve all been clamoring for a package art book for G.I. Joe for a long time, and while much of that art may have unfortunately been lost to the sands of time, I think strong sales for a book like this on the Transformers side might convince some folks that more G.I. Joe artwork themed books would be in demand as well.

So, check out their book, consider buying it…after all, even for Joe fans, you can’t argue the cultural and historical significance of some of the art in this book and it would make a fantastic conversation piece.  Click the banner below to buy it up.