Amazon Exclusive “Mini Light & Sound HISS Tank” is now in stock!

Quite a while ago, we spotlighted a strange entry on for a Mini HISS w/ Light & Sound, and now those same HISS Tanks appear to be in stock and shipping! Twitter user Page Warner reports receipt of the item along with some great pictures. It features real machine gun sounds and two light up cannons.

Check this bad boy out now on or click the banner below.

5 thoughts on “Amazon Exclusive “Mini Light & Sound HISS Tank” is now in stock!

  1. Is this even a licensed product or just a bootleg someone managed to sneak onto Amazon ? I see the Amazon listing says that you are just buying a 56 page book, no mention of the HISS Tank. That only appears in the title and picture.

  2. If you check out some of the other pictures that Page has posted on his Twitter account, there is an image of the back of the box that states it’s officially licensed by Hasbro, so, no, not a bootleg, just a very weird (and cool) item.

  3. I know there are amazon glitches all the time where an item is put up on there under a completely wrong category but EVERY seller mentions a book somehow, or is a book reseller… So if I order from any of them, what am I getting? A book? or the hiss tank? I want that hiss tank!

  4. It comes with a mini-book that’s about the size of a book of matches. The item in the photos above marked “Operation Anti-Venom” should be it.
    I’m glad I pre-ordered this at my comic book store. I’m sure I’ll love it at least as much as my TOS Enterprise.

  5. Well now that’s just the cutest dang thing! I’ma have to get me that little sucker. THEN….it will be time to see if I have any little figures that’ll fit in there. Other than Mighty Max.

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