GeneralsJoes Reviews Revolmini “Micro” Solid Snake

Many folks have been waiting and watching for information about the Revolmini line, which promises a new take on some familiar characters, in a scale closely matching what most G.I. Joe fans love.

Just last week, Big Bad Toy Store got the first Micro figure in stock, and it’s non other than Metal Gear Solid’s main protagonist, Solid Snake, a fact that made me quite happy. ┬áNeedless to say, I bought it, and I’ve now posted a review in my Miscellaneous Reviews section.

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5 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Revolmini “Micro” Solid Snake

  1. Re: the “animated” styling. Just display him with your Amazon-exclusive Renegades 4-pack. He’d and Snake Eyes should look pretty good squaring off against Storm Shadow and the Red Ninja.

  2. The BBTS product page says that there is an “eye articulating pick” included in the box. That might be what the white thing is? Could it be used to change his facial expression? Crazy.

  3. Yeah, it’s for moving the eyes as you can have to take the face plate off to do it.

  4. Only thing I don’t like about Revoltech is that you can’t turn the action OFF. He’s always in mid-action! Even when you’ve got him standing and smokin’. I get that that’s the thing with Revoltech, but so many other toylines can have a toy that stands well AND strikes dynamic poses.

    That said, it’s really cool to have Snake in this scale! I’ll be getting the Ninja, at the very least.

  5. Got this 2 days ago and the white dildo is the thing you use to play with his eyeballs. you can remove Snake’s face by pulling it downward. I got two cigarettes, 1 was packed in the hand, the other was packed along with the stands, maybe some error in packaging.

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