GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: 50th Anniversary HEAT Viper & Night Viper

The exciting 50th Anniversary reviews continue today with both HEAT Viper and Night Viper!  A concept case winner and a repaint of one of the most desirable Cobra army builders of the past few years… where can they go wrong?

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4 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: 50th Anniversary HEAT Viper & Night Viper

  1. I wonder if they tooled up Destro’s gun case because they want to reuse it for a Bullhorn figure in FSS 4.0? He technically had a backpack, but it’s otherwise the same function, and I really like that we now have both a disassembling machine gun and a disassembling sniper rifle thanks to the POC/50th Low Light. Ball’s in Marauder Gunrunners’ court to make cases for their modular weapons.

  2. I never understood heat vipers ankle bomb accessory, wouldnt they be a pain in the arse to walk around with, maybe its to beef up his legs, I think I remember readi g that he was really into fitness

  3. Good troopers, a pity they both come with Joes I already have 2 versions of each — and don’t particularly like — and have no desire to get multiples of in order to army build the Cobras. Oh well. I might be willing to get 2 each and use them as support specialists rather then have a whole squad of HEAT-Vipers and Night-Vipers… Maybe.

  4. Did you not get the pistol, flashlight and machete with this Night-Viper Justin? I noticed they do come in the pack. They’re packaged next to Low-Light, but they’re in there!

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