New in hand images of G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary

The time is coming near! First we got a peek at the G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary product on eBay, and now they’ve started appearing overseas. Courtesy of ACToys via more in hand images for the upcoming G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary. Some of the images show some more detailed paintwork and quality control than the eBay images showed, though Lady Jaye’s eyes are still looking a bit sloppy. Thankfully, the camouflage on Leatherneck looks to be a bit better, with some on his legs, even if none appears above the waist.

Check out the images below, and start getting ready… looks like retail offerings are coming real soon!

I will fully admit I haven’t been all that riled up about the 50th Anniversary offerings, but at least some of them are looking pretty nice, especially Leatherneck and Destro. Even Beachhead is a good sight better than the original 25th Anniversary version. Cool to see some more in hand images, and nice to see battle stands and file cards making a triumphant return.

Big thanks to ACToys and HISS Tank for the info!

15 thoughts on “New in hand images of G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary

  1. Gah! Leatherneck’s vest has the dreaded won’t-quite-stay-clasped clasp. I hate that, and they keep producing it even though they’ve found ways around it.

    Also, Destro’s hips look weird.

  2. want the snow job and article bat 2 pack! I love the way the arctic bat looks. Is the arctic bat inspired from a comic or something or an all new concept?

  3. I’ve been thinking that since I first images of him. It’s like his thighs are too wide or kis knees are too small. The proportions just seem off.

  4. Right! He’s not like 25th Anniversary Mutt or anything, but it’s so distracting that I almost suspected at first that they engineered some new style of hip joints or something.

  5. Yup, that Leatherneck’s oood enough now. Lord knows it’s closer than the Club one I paid through the nose for….

  6. I was thinking something was off as well. The legs are too thick couple with a small waist?

  7. It’s funny: You spend so much time wishing they’d go back to single packs, then they do, and now we’re back to double packs again and all I feel is nostalgia (seeing the two filecards on the back) .

    …nostalgia for the early 2000’s? Yech, now I’m feeling old.

  8. I think my Joe lore might be a little mixed up. I thought the vipers were the less elite and ‘lower level’ troopers, and the blueshirts were more higher up and closer to the Commander.
    But I might be wrong. Not sure where I got that idea.

  9. Is that not pretty much the same beachhead that came in the comic two pack with extra head? Looks the same but with updated hands. I really wish these were single pack figures. Once again hasbro giving us what we already have to give us two or three new figures. I’m sick of the repaints and reissue routine. The ice wolf with ice viper really doesn’t need to come with the repaint sky/ghost hawk and yet another damn snake eyes (who is my favorite character but I’m sick of him already). And now to get an army of heat vipers, I have to have an army of blowtorch?? Smh.

  10. Totally different!

    The comic pack BH has the 25th body with new heads (masked and unmasked). The 50th one has 30th SE´s body with Resolute BH head (much better, IMHO).

    Just the colors are pretty similar.

  11. Shut up. I’ve been waiting for years to get that PoC Snake Eyes with the metallic blue highlights that the prototype had.

  12. Lol, close enough. Point being, gimme some shit I don’t have yet…….fast draw, sneak peek, metal head, freefall…………..idk, just don’t need another version of same figures……

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