Comic Book Resources teams G.I. Joe with other comic heroes and villains

A regular feature on Comic Book Resources is “Comics Should be Good” where they take input from readers and create an article out of it. ¬†This week, we got “The Line it is Drawn #193 – G.I. Joe Mash Ups“!

These great G.I. Joe homages feature familiar Joe and Cobra characters going toe-to-toe with other comic heroes and villains with some great results.

Check out the article right here, I’ve mirrored one of the images below.


G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Pre-Orders listed on

With a sale date list of August 13th, items from the G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary line have started showing up on ¬†Whether people jumped on them early or if they just haven’t listed everything yet, I’m not sure, but as of this moment, the HEAT Viper/Blowtorch 2 Pack, Low Light/Night Viper 2 Pack, the Cobra Trooper 3 Pack, and the Cobra Wolf are listed for pre-order.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to check it out and get your orders in!

02 - HeatedBattle-BlowTor#981BEA