G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals FSS 3.0 Psyche Out!

Ever since the Night Force set was revealed a few years ago, fans had been clamoring online for regular versions of the Night Force characters (which is why it seems so strange that many folks are complaining about that very thing happening with the FSS this time around).

One of those characters was Psyche Out.

Well, the Club has revealed the FSS 3.0 Psyche Out today, and he’s a bit different accessory-wise from the Night Force version.  He still has the wrist radars and the hand-held, but he no longer has the PoC Recondo backpack (which frankly was a fantastic touch by the Club for the Con version) and he comes with a Zartan backpack instead.

Keep watching GIJoeClub.com for the latest updates and check out the image below.


A special Two-Day Event at Kokomo Toys this weekend!

If you’re in or around the Kokomo, Indiana area, you may want to make a bee line for Kokomo Toys this weekend as there will be a special two day event showing some rare and prototype toys from your favorite toylines of the past several years.

Details can be seen on the Kokomo Toys Facebook page or below:

Kokomo Toys will be hosting a special 2 day event at our new location, Friday June 6th and Saturday June 7th, where on display will be some of the rarest action figures and prototypes from across several toy lines (Toy Biz, Marvel Legends, GI Joe, Battle Beasts, Dungeons & Dragons, Sun-Man, Thundercats, He-Man, and more) including a Mad Bubbler prototype (Thundercats) and the FIRST 3 3/4 inch GI Joe prototype. Come see these amazing toy collecting artifacts in person!!

In attendance will be Gyre-Viper (GI JOE historian and co-host of the Joe Declassified Podcast) and Josh Carlson (multi-toy line expert and author of Roshan’s Guide to Marvel Legends). They will be on-hand to talk about toy collecting and toy history, including everything from the pre-production process of action figures to obscure knock-off toy lines and unproduced, unreleased toys.

Everyone who attends will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win Kokomo Toys gift certificates. Come hang out Friday June 6th and Saturday June 7th, and celebrate the joys of toy collecting with us!!


Very cool behind the scenes look at Sideshow Collectibles

There are only fringes of these videos that deal directly with G.I. Joe, but any kind of “behind the scenes” perspective when it comes to toy making is pretty interesting.  These are no different.

The folks at Sideshow Collectibles were interviewed by Tested.com and a pair of very revealing videos were released showing those interviews.  A great look at pre-production design, and preparing something for production.  These two videos focus on the Premium Format figures specifically, so expect to see some Crimson Baroness cameos.  Check out the videos on SideshowToy.com or embedded below.