G.I. Joe Collectors Club shows off FSS 3.0 Night Creeper Leader!

Joining Alpine and Spearhead, we now have our third look at the upcoming FSS 3.0 roster, and this time it’s Night Creeper Leader!  I love that they went with the purple and yellow color scheme, and I did hypothosize that they might elect to use the removable bandana (though I wasn’t sure why it wasn’t on the accessory list posted yesterday).

Figure design is great, I love the choice of web gear… a really great update to a fun later year character.  Check it out below and keep watching GIJoeClub.com for the latest info!


3 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Collectors Club shows off FSS 3.0 Night Creeper Leader!

  1. LSU frat boy at Halloween is what it looks like to me especially with that silly ninja star yin and yang tat.

    Why remake this version of the character anyway? Does anyone even like the original figure? Why not try to tackle the animated look? Hasbro hasn’t even done a good Night Creeper in this format yet so it’s not like the bar has been set too high for the Club.

  2. I like the build of this figure, except for the head. The color scheme is a big disappointment though. I’d prefer something that tied him in closer to the Night Creepers he’s supposed to lead.

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