Confirmation that SDCC “Danger at the Docks” will be available at TRU after SDCC

I feel like I’ve had this conversation a number of times, but I know the lack of a real “official” report left the seed of doubt firmly planted in many fans’ minds. But rest assured, today Toys “R” Us has confirmed, via this section of their website that the G.I. Joe “Danger at the Docks” SDCC Exclusive will be available via after its debut at the show.

So for folks who aren’t able to hit up ComicCon, this great looking set will be hitting the TRU website (and if past years are any indication, brick and mortar stores as well).

It’s okay to celebrate now! I’ve mirrored some great press images of the SDCC Exclusive Danger at the Docks set below.

Darkness Falls Episode 13 – Break the Door Down

Cobra’s fierce defense of the temple walls as fallen apart and G.I. Joe has broken through!  While the breach team finds a way to blast through the thick front walls, the Locusts find a free roof to land on…  but things aren’t as easy as they seem!

Check out the Darkness Falls Section, or click the link below.