G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals FSS 3.0 selections!

The big news of the G.I. Joe Convention has hit the web, and we now know the line up for the third rendition of the Figure Subscription Service!  Not only that, but the Collectors Club also let us know what the 2015 Incentive figure will be as well as information about another new incentive vehicle!

The list of FSS 3.0 figures is below, and a gallery of images will follow the list:

  1. Alpine v2 (Spy Troops) – Newly sculpted  Boss Fight Studios head!
  2. Bombstrike – Another new sculpted head by Boss Fight Studios
  3. Psyche Out – Vintage colors (based on Night Force Con set)
  4. Repeater – Vintage colors (based on Night Force Con set)
  5. Hit & Run (Concept Case) – I have nothing to say here.  Speechless (in a good way)!
  6. Musktrat – Vintage colors with a newly designed swamp skimmer by Boss Fight Studios!
  7. Spearhead – Vintage colors (based on Night Force Con set)
  8. Big Ben – Newly sculpted head from Boss Fight Studios!
  9. Crimson Guard Immortal – New head, based on the concept case version
  10. Slice – New head sculpt from Boss Fight Studios
  11. Night Creeper Leader
  12. Vypra (!!!!)

So yeah… I’m pretty ecstatic about this line up.  It is really phenomenal.  Brian from the Collectors Club did say that all of these Night Force figures won’t necessarily be straight repaints, there will possibly be different gear or parts adjustments.

Also they mentioned they will be revisiting the 13th figure concept and making something more desirable for FSS 3.0 based on fan feedback.  So folks complaining about the 13th figure, time to put your money where your mouth is and subscribe!  Check out the images below for some artwork ideas about what they’re planning!

Now, if anyone follows my dio-story, they know both Hit & Run play a very central role in my story, so getting them both in the third FSS is absolutely spectacular to me.  I am floating above the keyboard here…  :)

12 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals FSS 3.0 selections!

  1. I’m sure some folks are discouraged by all the Night Force revisions, but I’m thrilled. Alpine, Bombstrike, Hit & Run, the CG Immortal and Vypra are all big wins for me. Excited for Repreater, too–really, the Nightcreeper leader is the only one I’m not interested in at all.

    Any word on the timetable for this series as far as photos, registration, etc.?

  2. I’ve got customs of the majority of those figures that I’m happy with. Of those listed, the only one that really jumps out at me is Hit and Run. Maybe Night Creeper Leader. Possibly Vypra. It’s a great line-up though for those that don’t have those characters or good figures of those characters.

  3. This is a fantastic character assortment. I skipped the first two FSS waves and pretty much stopped collecting, but I may have to get these.

  4. I’m on board with most of these figures. I’ve really been wanting original color versions of the NF guys. Although, 3 ME versions of Hit & Run is probably unnecessary (sorry Justin), when there are so many others that don’t have 1 yet. I am slightly disappointed there’s no Fast Draw or Frostbite, but I still love the line up. Two more Cobra ninjas make me wonder when we will get some Joe ninjas (Dojo & Nunchuk) in the FSS?
    Don’t need another Alpine, so I am thinking I may use this one as Sgt Boulder from Sigma 6 instead. (the Sigma 6 reference makes up for dissing H&R, right?)

  5. Holy crap, this is easily the best lineup yet.

    Damn. I might have to go for it… if I can afford it.

  6. I’m actually very excited about this and think it’s the best FSS yet – BUT I don’t get what the hype is about Vypra. To me she’s the worst figure – just a lame Jinx repaint. I never liked the original and am really surprised to see all the love for her now. Can someone please explain to me what I’m missing. No offense intended, I just don’t get what the big deal about Vypra is. Personally I would’ve rather seen a Crystal Ball or Raptor.

  7. To a point, I agree with you on Vypra.

    The original “Rattler” and Vypra are excellent repaint releases. If a person wants these two things in great paint schemes, this is the set to get.

    You’re SO right, though, Vypra really is just a Jinx repaint. But I think it’s the best repaint of Jinx out there.

    Where Vypra totally FAILS as a character is the file card persona that indicates some sort of near-Dreadnok personality that loves tearing it up in 4×4 Monster Trucks.

    So, I agree here that original execution of achieving THAT kind of “Rattler” driver was very lame. Vypra is wearing slippers and pajamas.

    I would hope that the FSS would be correcting this and giving us some awesome new female Cobra that fits the codename, but Sure Fire is probably not going to go that route and will probably just repaint a Jinx.


  8. My feelings are purely personal. I’ve always thought she made for a very interesting character (even if she was an uninspired figure) simply because she was such a blank slate. For that reason, I included her in my G.I. Joe fanfic and dio-story mythology as a sympathizer for Hit & Run while he was in captivity, which is why I find it so great that both she and a great new Hit & Run version are being released in the same FSS series!

  9. I was hoping for Hardball, Fast Draw, and Crystal Ball in FSS 3…. but Vypra, Big Ben, VvV Alpine, and Slice are equally excellent choices, maybe even better choices.

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