Convention Exclusive reveals from JoeCon 2014

So the Club comic has been frantically grabbed by the rabid fanboys down here in Dallas, so there are some added details about the Convention Exclusives we can hope to see this year!

According to the Convention program, we will be getting:

  • Steel Brigade Pilot w/ VTOL (LE800)
  • Cobra Septic HISS Tank mk II (DTC HISS repaint by the looks of the comic art) (LE 800)
  • G.I. Joe Rescue Ops 2-Pack (no idea, and no clear insight based on internal comic art) (LE 700)
  • Steel Brigade Zombie 3-Pack (LE 1,000)
  • Kre-O Zombie Initiative 7 Pack (LE 600)
  • Night Force Para Trooper Crazy Legs (LE 500)

Carded Cross Country and the HAVOC MK II should also be available in limited numbers at the Con.  The attendee is exclusive is a great repaint of the Retaliation AWE Striker in ECO Striker form!


4 thoughts on “Convention Exclusive reveals from JoeCon 2014

  1. Sounds like you’re in neon Nirvana Justin! Mahalo as always for the con coverage. Cash strapped, I’ll have to settle for enjoying vicariously. Though I wish I could have seen your facial expression!

  2. So the Eco Striker is the freebe?

    Most of those exclusives sound good. I did not really care for the set, but I would not mind having the zombie pack, Septic HISS, or VTOL.

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