JDSO Podcast Episode 9 – Insight and Intel from G.I. Joe designer Guy Cassady

The fantastic folks from JoeDeClassified.com have posted the latest and greatest episode of the Joe DeClassified Spec Ops (JDSO) Podcast, and in this episode they speak with the legendary Guy Cassady!

If you collected G.I. Joe vehicles in the mid 80s, chances are you owned some of Guy’s work.  The Conquest, Rolling Thunder, the Persuader, and the Desert Fox are just three of the items he worked on.  He brings an encyclopedic knowledge of automobile design and construction to the toys he built, and it shows!

Check out the latest episode on Podbean.com right here, and make sure you hit up JoeDeClassified.com and the Cobra 788 Blog to see all of the great images associated with this episode.


Epic Photo Album published for Marauder “Task Force” combinations

So the Marauder “Task Force” Kickstarter is already funded, which means our jobs are done, right?


There are a ton of great stretch goals on the Kickstarter, and my personal favorite (Carmen) still has a ways to go before funding is reached.  Marauder has also been fielding a number of questions about the accessory pack outs and details about the figures, but unfortunately Kickstarter only allows so many images to be posted.

Because of this, Marauder has created a fantastically massive Facebook Photo Album to share nearly EIGHTY images of his Task Force soldiers.  All sorts of great combinations of figures, accessories, vests, weapons, helmets, etc…  are there for your consumption.

If you haven’t funded yet, these images might just change your mind!  Check them out at the Marauder “Gun Runners” Facebook Page, and I’ve mirrored just a few of them below.

Then, for crying out loud, if you haven’t done it yet, GO FUND THE KICKSTARTER!

The Full Force Podcast – Episode 5 is Online!

For folks looking to bone up on their UK G.I. Joe knowledge or just get into the G.I. Joe spirit leading up to “JoeCon Week”, the latest episode of the Full Force podcast is now online!

In this ‘better late than never’ episode, the gang chat about (old) news, review a very ‘cool’ figure, look at a related item in ‘From the Vault’ and get Erik Arana from Boss Fight Studios to build a version of said ‘cool’ figure himself. It is a packed episode full of the usual toilet humour and genius insight that one finds hard to get elsewhere. Open your ear trumpets and get ready to be blown……….away!!   FULL FORCE!!

Check it out on Podbean.com and make sure you’re checking the Full Force on Facebook for their show notes and some great photos from the episode!

Community’s G.I. Jeff – Was it worth the hype? A GeneralsJoes Review

Over the past several weeks we’ve been inundated with news and reports about the NBC sitcom Community doing a special “G.I. Jeff” animated episode in the spirit of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.

Well, I’d say anyone who saw the episode last night would take it one step further… it wasn’t just “in the spirit”, it was designed to essentially BE a G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero episode.  Obviously the folks at Community had to get permission from Hasbro to run with this to the degree that they did (check out a great IGN interview with Dan Harmon for some of those tidbits).


For a more detailed review, click the Continue Reading link below.

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Hey toy fans!

It seems that Hasbro has been hard at work pumping out the Marvel Legends
this year.

We have seen Spider-Man, Captain American, and now we have Guardians of
the Galaxy.

These figures are awesome, and each one includes a piece for a BAF Groot.

Also new is the 4th wave from the Star Wars 3.75″ Black series. Get some
fan favorite figures like Toryn Farr! Wait…Who?

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Check out all of our Marvel figures, including the new Guardians of the
Galaxy line!

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Reminder – Darkness Falls, the latest GeneralsJoes Dio-Story launches April 14th!

I mentioned in my last news post that time spent on the dio-story had taken some time away from reviews, but all that time is about to pay off!

Ten days from today, Sunday, April 14th, my latest Dio-Story will begin!  Picking up right where Ghosts left off, with Cobra on the precipice of executing Operation: Eclipse, G.I. Joe has been pushed to their breaking point.  Mustering up all their resources, the team launches one last offensive against Cobra’s secret Amazon headquarters!

This is the largest scale dio-story I have ever done, and I feel like it’s a satisfying end to my little corner of the G.I. Joe universe.  I hope others will feel the same way after all is said and done.

Check out the teaser on YouTube, and you should play some catch up with my previous dio-stories as well!  You can also hit up my Dio-Story updates on the site itself, which will show some set building, etc…

Thanks for all of the support throughout my long walk down this road, I hope the destination ends up as fun as the ride has been.

Playing catch up with the G.I. Joe Collectors Club FSS 2.0 reviews

I know my reviews have fallen somewhat behind, mostly because I’m devoting my time to the Darkness Falls Dio-Story, but I have officially caught up with my FSS 2.0 reviews!

Today, you can find ALL FIVE remaining figure reviews posted to the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review page, and also hit up the links below.

  1. Keel Haul
  2. Bombardier
  3. Big Bear
  4. Dragonsky
  5. Grand Slam


G.I. Joe Collectors Club Pre-Orders open for Cross Country and HAVOC

Exciting news for folks looking forward to snagging everyone’s favorite redneck G.I. Joe and his trusty halftrack!  The G.I. Joe Collectors Club has posted pre-orders in the Club Store for Cross Country and his HAVOC mk 2!

Check out the G.I. Joe Club Store to pick these bad boys up!