G.I. Joe Collectors Club shows uniform for 12″ Convention Set

Another day, another 2014 Convention reveal!  While today’s image isn’t of the Real American Hero set, it could have potential implications for us fans of the small figures.

Today, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club revealed an awesome looking tiger stripe camouflage uniform for their 12″ “Codename: G.I. Joe” Convention set, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of G.I. Joe.  It’s got some terrific, intricate camouflage, and looking at other reveals, we have the familiar green beret as well.

So what does that mean for RAH fans?  Well, perhaps nothing, but considering a 4″ Joe Colton is going to be available as an exclusive, could this perhaps be an indication of what that figure might look like?  Just like Hasbro did in 1994, could the Collectors’ Club be celebrating the anniversary with 4″ and 12″ representations of this great green beret figure?

It’s certainly possible.  In ’94 there was a mail away for both a 12″ and a 3 3/4″ Joe Colton, it seems quite fitting that precisely 20 years later they might replicate that for the 50th celebration.

Check out GIJoeCon.com for the latest images, I’ve mirrored one of them below.


GeneralsJoes Dio Story World

Welcome to the world of GeneralsJoes G.I. Joe universe!  Contained in this page you’ll find the doorway to my imagination and how I view the G.I. Joe universe since the end of the Marvel series in 1994.  Keep in mind when I started this project, we were only three years removed from that event, and while a lot has changed since then, this remains one of my fandom contributions that I am most proud of.  Relive the adventures of Hit & Run, Vypra, the Interrogator, Duke, and everyone in between.  Check out the links below to see every chapter of my G.I. Joe universe from 1994 forward.

Please note: The Dio-Story will make a lot more sense if you read my Fanfics before hand, but I understand that fanfic is not for everyone.  I tried to walk that line between referencing back to The Price of Peace and the Cost of War and doing some new adventures that don’t require specific knowledge of those past events.  In some cases you may see references to events contained within those two books.

The TimelineWritten Fanfic01 - Power Struggle
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  • Loose Ends
  • New Blood Cold Steel
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  • Retaliation
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Prologue – It was a Dark and Stormy Night
01 – Plots and Planning02 – Back in the Saddle
03 – Old Friends, New Enemies04 – Blizzard05 – Going Dark
06 – Familiar Faces I07 – Familiar Faces II08 – Enter the Dragons
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01 – First Strike02 – Swamp Rats03 – Sand Trap
04 – More Questions…05 – Reunion06 – Planning
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10 – Too Close to Home11 – Picking up the Pieces12 – Infiltration
13 – Clean Up14 – Personal Feelings15 – Shift in Focus
16 – A Step in the Right Direction17 – Gut Reaction18 – Backup
19 – Twist of Fate20 – ClosureEpilogue – Fallen Heroes



01 – Behind the Eight Ball02 – Jungle Strike03 – Worlds Apart
04 – The Traitor Revealed05 – One Good Turn06 – Hide & Seek
07 – Misdirection08 – Tight Spot09 – Action!
10 – Against all Odds11 – Alert12 – Battlefield: Terror Drome I
13 – Battlefield: Terror Drome II14 – Fire in the Jungle15 – Cornered
Epilogue – Old Friends

New Blood Cold Steel


01 – Broken Silence02 – Introductions03 – Trust
04 – Progress Report05 – Preparation06 – The Warehouse
07 – Secrets Revealed08 – Enter the B.A.T.T.09 – Not So Easy
10 – Pebbles and Tanks11 – Mega Marine12 – Metal on Metal
13 – Crushed Spirit14 – New Plan15 – Fallen
16 – Fried Circuits17 – No Escape18 – The Frying Pan
19 – Salvation20 – Raging Battle21 – Endgame