Still looking for G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 4? Hit your local Toys “R” Us

One of the most in demand figures from 2013 was the Wave 4 Night Viper, and this figure has been increasingly difficult to locate for a reasonable price. Well, good news for folks with local Toys “R” Us stores! There are reports spreading throughout the country of folks finding this latest wave at their local brick & mortar Toys “R” Us stores. Wave 4 features Jinx, Blind Master, and the aforementioned Night Viper, which should hopefully make the figure a bit more easy to locate.

Happy hunting! Check out the links below for more Night Viper goodness:


  • GigaMach

    Cool beans. I’d love to grab a couple more Night Vipers, if I can. We’ll see.

  • Legendary Tom Brooks

    I finally picked up the Night Viper at an area TRU. Too bad my local TRU sucks so bad about carrying Joe figures.

  • Ghost Target

    I’m beginning to think the Night Viper is a mythical item. The one TRU had the same 3 Storm Shadows hanging there from before Christmas

    Anyone have an extra NV, I’m looking just for 1 to complete the Retaliation series

  • BCYa

    I have found Wave 4 at TRU – the only problem was they had the 9 figures I already have and 0 of the figures I don’t. Maybe next time.