What’s on Joe Mind Special Edition #37 – G.I. Joe: Retaliation Commentary!

Somewhat surprising to us, many folks have been asking if we could do a screening of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation film with our own commentary…well, since G.I. Joe news is so slow, we figured what better time than now! Join Gary, Justin, and Mike as they watch the entire G.I. Joe: Retaliation Extended Action Cut on Blu-Ray and give their thoughts and opinions throughout the entire film.

We tried to keep sports metaphors to a minimum, but no promises about childish humor.

Check out the embedded player below or our Podbean page for the latest special edition, and enjoy!

G.I. Joe Battleground announces Holiday Daily PVP Challenges

Over on the G.I. Joe: Battleground Facebook page, the folks from Mobage have announced some holiday daily PVP events, leading up to the next Operation: Takedown event which launches on Christmas Eve. The schedule of events is as follows:

Dec 20th – Daily PVP

Top Ranks will receive Snake Eyes (from Takedown Event)
Unique Recruits available for this day include Snake Eyes (from Takedown Event) and Cobra Commander (from PVP Event)

Dec 21st – Daily PVP

Top Ranks will receive Destro (from Takedown Event)
Unique Recruits available for this day include Destro (from Takedown Event) and Quick Kick (from Battle Sim Event)

Dec 22nd – Daily PVP

Top Ranks will receive Metal Head (from Battle Sim Event)
Unique Recruits available for this day include Metal Head (from Battle Sim Event) and Shipwreck from (from PVP Event)

Dec 23th – Daily PVP

Top Ranks will receive Storm Shadow (from Friend Invite)
Unique Recruits available for this day include Storm Shadow (from Friend Invite) and Lt.Falcon from (from Battle Sim Event)

Dec 24th – Jan 1st: Takedown Event

Top Ranks will receive Legendary Roadblock and/or Rare General Hawk.

This is a unique way to try and get some cards from past events and build up your rosters even more. Keep checking the G.I. Joe: Battleground Facebook Page for the latest announcements.


More guests added to 2014 G.I. Joe Convention

Next year’s G.I. Joe Convention in Dallas, Texas is turning into a treasure trove of voice talent as the G.I. Joe Collectors Club added two more guests to their already impressive roster this year.

According to GIJoeCon.com, both Morgan Lofting (Sunbow’s The Baroness) and Michael Richard Dobson (Cobra Commander from Valor Vs. Venom and Spy Troops) will be making an appearance at the Convention next year. They will join Michael Bell (Sunbow’s Duke) and BJ Ward (Sunbow’s Scarlett) for voice talent, as well as former G.I. Joe marketing whiz Kirk Bozigian and Marvel Comics writer Larry Hama.

Keep watching GIJoeCon.com for the latest information on next year’s Convention!

Upcoming Transformers and G.I. Joe writer Scioli breaks down classic G.I. Joe comics

It was announced a short while ago that Tom Scioli, a long time comics writer and artist, would be tackling the first ever G.I. Joe and Transformers crossover from IDW Publishing.

To prepare for this event, Mr. Scioli has been doing copious amounts of research on the classic Marvel Comics G.I. Joe series, and he has written a fantastic long form essay over on Comics Alliance breaking down some of his thoughts and perspective from this research. It’s a great look back in time at some of the early events of the Marvel series, and refreshing to see someone embrace and appreciate the quality of the Marvel Comics series back in the day.

Check out Comics Alliance to see this great article, it’s an awesome read, and the fact that Mr. Scioli is going to this length makes me feel pretty great about the upcoming series.



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