Amazon Pre-Black Friday Video Game Deals in abundance

We’re closing in on Christmas, and while I try not to do the “Support my Amazon Affiliate” thing very often, I make some exceptions around Christmas time.  Mainly because Amazon offers some insanely good deals at Christmas on a lot of stuff that guys in the toy collecting scene are into.

Unfortunately there likely won’t be any new G.I. Joe related product to get excited about, but they are starting some killer video game deals even before Black Friday.

If you are so inclined, check out my Amazon Affiliate link below and pick some stuff up using it.  It helps us both.  :)

A big one here is Batman: Arkham City, which is a title I’ve been watching. No, it’s not the brand new “Arkham Origins” but if you’re like me and are only 16% of the way through Arkham Asylum, now’s a good time to get the next installment!