Early seeds of “Rise of the Robots” G.I. Joe theme from 2005 revealed

There are pluses and minuses to the social media explosion throughout the Internet, but when it comes to getting access to industry insiders and hearing some great behind the scenes intel, I can think of no better resource than a place like Facebook or Twitter where you can get direct access to these people.

In many cases its merely a side conversation between a few industry guys, as what happened between animation veterans Will Meugniot and David McDermott, who apparently were involved in some early production work for the G.I. Joe animated series “Rise of the Robots” that never got produced.  Those of us who were around and active during the new sculpt era have fond memories of the “Robot Rebellion” title (which apparently was a derivation of Rise of The Robots), a theme that was supposedly slated to take off after Valor Vs. Venom’s departure.  Let’s not forget back then G.I. Joe was much more solidly built around a specific story.  Each year’s line was complimented by a direct to DVD animated feature, and figures were a mixture of new concepts and really new versions of old characters.

As many folks now know, the seeds of The Rise of the Robots” were sewn into what would eventually become Sigma 6, much to many G.I. Joe fan’s chagrin.  I know I’m exceedingly vocal about my love for Sigma 6, and it’s going to be one of my favorite era’s of G.I. Joe for the rest of my life, I imagine, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have also wanted to see what would have come through The Rise of the Robots.

Well, both Will and David were just having one of those awesome “hey, remember when Hasbro trashed that animated series we spent months developing?” conversations, and some great images and details emerged about the beginning of The Rise of the Robots, and ergo, Sigma 6.  Some rough art was shown, which looks very much like Sigma 6, but also with some great new elements as well (Jinx FTW!).  It’s really cool to see this, especially for many folks who have spent years hypothesizing what “might have been” after Valor Vs. Venom.  Certainly the Direct To Consumer line took some of those elements (namely the Rhino, ROCC, and HISS Tank vehicles) but a lot of the central themes of this new iteration ended up in an 8″ scale.

Check  out the mirrored images below, and if you’re on Facebook, take a peek at Will Meugniot’s photo album where he reveals some neat details surrounding the doomed animated series.  Big kudos to Andrew Franks for sharing this in the G.I. Joe Discussion Group over on Facebook.