What’s on Joe Mind Special Edition #35 – The JoeCon Announcement!

Every year the guys from What’s on Joe Mind release a special edition podcast to talk about the G.I. Joe convention, coinciding with the actual convention announcement.  This year was no different.

Joining us on this show are three G.I. Joe, G.I. Joe Collectors Club, and G.I. Joe Convention experts, Barry, Dave, and Todd from the Regular Joes Podcast!  Between all of us, there’s 60 years of JoeCon experience!  We had a great discussion during this episode, talking about old school JoeCon memories, the whole 12″ vs. 3 3/4″ rivalry and a bunch of other great informative topics.  We absolutely loved having them on, and if you like what you hear on this show, absolutely check out the Regular Joes Podcast.  Hit Podbean or listen to the embedded player below, and the show notes will be after the jump.

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News coming soon about 2014 G.I. Joe Club Membership Figure?

Okay apparently it is G.I. Joe Collectors Club news day…

Along with the previous stories about clear stands and FSS 2.0, the Collectors Club Facebook page let out a little info about when we can expect news on the 2014 Membership Incentive figure.

In a reply to a question posed on their thread about the clear battle stands, the reply was:

I THINK the membership figure will be announced sometime next week

So, while hardly an official comment, and it shouldn’t be taken as gospel, but it lends some hope to the fact that we should be hearing news about the 2014 figure shortly.  One would imagine it will follow the same formula as previous figures and fill a hole in the vintage reproduction line… so what do you think?  Any figures on top of your list?


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G.I. Joe: Collectors Club Figure Subscription Service 2.0 SHIPPING NOW!

Hiatus Shmiatus!

Just in time to pick up where Hasbro retail offerings left off, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has started shipping the first  two Figure Subscription Service 2.0 figures, and some folks are receiving them in mailboxes already.

Residents of Texas have already started getting their goods, so as one might imagine, spoilers are abound throughout the web.  I will refrain from posting the spoilers myself, as I know many people love the surprise (myself included) but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that none of these will be a surprise when they’re actually received.

Images and details of the first two figures can be found on HissTank.com, but I’ll hold off on spoiling the surprise for a little while at least.  Meanwhile, check out the full gallery of FSS 2.0 figures below.

Okay it just hit me…  next week I should have NEW G.I. JOE TOYS!  W00t!


G.I. Joe Collectors Club Store – New items in stock

An email has come out from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club reporting some cool items in the Collectors Club store!

First and foremost, all of the remaining San Diego ComicCon Exclusives that were not sold via their lottery system are now in stock and ready to go.  This is exciting news for anyone who missed out on this fantastic item.

Secondly, the Club also reports some cool new items available… translucent 25th Anniversary style stands for your modern era G.I. Joe figures!

The Club was well known for using translucent stands for the o-ring figures back in the day when those were the Convention figure style, and it’s kind of cool to see that look translated to these new stands.  Personally I have an affinity for the translucent stands from Marauder “Gun Runners” but these are a pretty cool look as well.  Check out the email from the Collectors Club as well as some images below.

Hello all,

We have notified the winners of our lottery drawing for the Comic Con G I Joe/Transformers set.  Some of the winners chose not to make the purchase or did not reply so we have a limited quantity of the sets remaining.  The remaining sets are now available at our online stores.  GIJoeClub.com/shop, TransformersClub.com/shop

Hasbro Comic-Con G I Joe/Transformers Exclusive $129.

Quantities are limited to one per membership and are very limited and are first come, first served. 

ALSO, for the GI Joe Club, we have a new translucent figure stand available in a 20 pack which includes 10 GI Joe Logo stands and 10 Cobra Logo stands (not available in any other combinations).  

2013 3 3/4 Clear GI Joe/Cobra Figure Stands(10-Joe, 10-Cobra, 20 stands total per set) 1 pc  $20+shipping

Have a great weekend!