Like G.I. Joe: Retaliation toys as much as I do? Support Total Retaliation!

It seems as if love and praise for G.I. Joe: Retaliation toys is still somewhat hard to come by, even with the spectacular figures we’ve gotten in the last two waves of figures.  Greatness like Ultimate Duke, Cobra Commander, Data-Viper, and Night Viper can quickly wash away the taste of the original Roadblock or Duke.  No matter which Retaliation figures are your favorites, a potential upcoming book promises to feature them all.

Strong G.I. Joe supporters Brian Hickey and Patrick Lennon are working together on “Total Retaliation” a reference book dedicated to the G.I. Joe: Retaliation line!  Brian is a great graphic artist (just check out the GeneralsJoes logo in the above banner for proof of that) and they are really putting something special together by the looks of it.  This is also an opportunity to get file cards for all of your G.I. Joe: Retaliation characters.

Funded by FundIt, they are looking to get this book into collectors hands.  If you love Retaliation toys as much as I do, hit up and lay some cash down.  This looks like it could be great.


Support the artistic endeavors of a hardcore G.I. Joe fan on Kickstarter!

Long time G.I. Joe fan and excellent artist Troy McKie has been active in the online G.I. Joe community for a long time and built a fantastic artistic portfolio based on his fandom.

A devout 80’s nerd, Troy is looking to break into design and is offering his immense talents to Kickstarter, hoping to crowdsource some art materials so he can better expand his portfolio.

Offering a number of great pieces of art for folks who want to support his Kickstarter project, there is sure to be something for everyone… heck, I’d support it just to land one of his awesome USS Flagg hats (yes, he made the hat that Larry Hama made famous).

He’s made some great progress so far, but he needs more!  Please join me in pledging to this great artist and end up with some awesome artwork of your own.