Welcome to the new GeneralsJoes… the same as the old GeneralsJoes

Well, for now, anyway.

Over the weekend we migrated the fully intact GeneralsJoes blog to the servers over on YoJoe.com, so if you noticed any quirks or glitches throughout the weekend, that was why.

At this point the site is remaining exactly the same, just hosted in a different place (which should alleviate those pesky 503 Service Errors folks were getting along the way). ¬†That’s not permanent, though.

Some point along the way, the GeneralsJoes site will become more “immersed” into the YoJoe look and feel, which will be especially beneficial for review hounds, who will have a much better way to find those reviews you’re looking for, which in some cases are tough to find in the current navigation system.

At this point I’m just thrilled to have someone else doing the technical grunt work! ¬†:)

Stick with it, more to come.