The time has come… add Destro to your 12″ Sideshow Cobra ranks!

Ever since I first saw him, I immediately knew I need to own this one.  Even as I saw complaints emerge from throughout the G.I. Joe fandom, this was one key Sideshow Collectibles figure that I had been waiting for…and in my opinion they NAILED it.

Plenty of the great classic elements of the Destro character we all know and love, but with enough of an added Sideshow twist to really bring the character to life in this great Sideshow “universe” they have built.  I love both unique head sculpt, I love that he has a trenchcoat or the familiar leather jacket.  I love, love, LOVE the gauntlets.  This is an awesome offering from Sideshow Collectibles and it is ON SALE NOW.

Check out to pick up your 12″ Destro and add him to your Cobra ranks.  You will not regret it!


And hey, while you’re at it, pick up the bad ass Cobra Display Stand that Sideshow just posted, too.  That’s pretty sweet stuff right there and only $14.99!


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