Hasbro and Harmony Gold reportedly settle lawsuit over SDCC Exclusive Jetfire

Okay, that might be an assumption.  I’m certainly not a legal expert, but thankfully some folks who are more well versed in law have passed along word of an official judgement that appears to involve an out of court settlement between Hasbro and Harmony Gold over the controversial ComicCon exclusive Jetfire Skystriker repaint released this past summer.

According to the e-mail I received:

“Back on the 23rd, before Hasbro’s answer to the complaint was due, a Stipulation was filed by both parties requesting the case be dismissed. The Stipulation was granted and signed as an Order. Typically, at that early a stage in the litigation, a settlement was reached out of court with the terms to remain private. Order attached, but it doesn’t say more than that.”


The actual agreement can be found on PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) but you need a membership to access it.  Thankfully someone went through the hard work for me.

Below are attachments of the document dismissing the court action, with appropriate personally identifying marks obscured.

Big thanks for the tip!