Sideshow Collectibles showcases upcoming Destro 12″ figure!

I feel like I’m in the minority here, but I am really in love with the upcoming Sideshow Destro.  I’ve always loved the trenchcoat look, and Sideshow Collectibles added just enough modern elements while keeping the right classic elements (wrist rockets FTW!) to give us a terrific update to the Cobra Weapons Supplier.

Sideshow has posted a great preview of the upcoming figure, including a shot of an awesome leather jacket version of the figure, which might make fans longing for a more classic representation more happy.

Check out the preview right here, and stay tuned for Thursday, when the pre-order goes live!

3 thoughts on “Sideshow Collectibles showcases upcoming Destro 12″ figure!

  1. This is what I want from Sideshow and G.I. Joe in general. New takes on the classic characters. I don’t want the 37th retread of the same old design. I want those classic elements (the mask, wrist weapons, black and red colors) done in a new and exciting way. Sideshow has been doing that with this line from the beginning and Destro here is probably the best update I’ve seen so far, and that’s including Major Bludd who is on my shelf right now.

  2. I know I wasn’t going to buy this anyway, but am I the only that thinks the head looks weird. I mean, I don’t mind the DC comics Metal Men look but the facial expression looks sad. Poor gloomy gus Destro. Cheer up little buddy. Someone will buy your weapons soon.

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