IDW Publishing launches pre-orders for IDW Limited G.I. Joe Complete Collection vol. 2

IDW Publishing obviously has some love for the good old days of Marvel’s G.I. Joe title and has gone to great lengths to demonstrate that love.

The Real American Hero continuation has been fantastic, and IDW’s Complete Collection series (working hand in hand with Mark Bellomo) has crafted a really nice all encompassing run of the old Real American Hero titles.  IDW has taken this formula to their IDW Limited series as well, and Volume 2 is now up for pre-order!

With their exclusive Black Label, Blue Label, and Red Label offerings in the IDW Limited online store, there is something here for everyone, even featuring some exclusive art by comic legend Russ Heath.  I have the pleasure of owning Volume 1 of this great series (which I reviewed right here) and I cannot recommend the IDW Limited collections enough for the discriminating G.I. Joe comic fan.

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Limited-edition book to collect the classic series and feature signatures and artwork from Larry Hama and Russ Heath

Today IDW Limited announced the second volume of its G.I. JOE: COMPLETE COLLECTION series. The limited-edition deluxe hardcover collects twelve issues of the classic REAL AMERICAN HERO series based on the iconic G.I. JOE brand from Hasbro, and is signed by the legendary Larry Hama. Providing art for the black label and blue label editions is the amazing Russ Heath. With the 25-copy Black Label edition selling out in less than 24 hours for volume 1, anticipation has been high for this follow-up. (

“G.I. JOE fans have been vocal about wanting volume 2 of the G.I. JOE: COMPLETE COLLECTION,” said G.I. Joe editor, Carlos Guzman. “We like to give the fans what they want. This series has turned into something very special and I’m so glad to be a part of it.”

“It’s hard to imagine a way to make classic G.I. JOE comics any cooler than they already are,” said Michael Kelly, Hasbro’s Director of Global Publishing. “But offering a volume that includes original artwork and Larry Hama’s autograph definitely puts it off the charts.”

Collecting the classic REAL AMERICAN HERO series, the G.I. JOE: Complete Collection, Volume 2 is 12 issues of all-American action! Packaged in a custom faux wood case and custom military style cloth cover, each book is hand-signed by the original series writer, Larry Hama and living legend, Russ Heath. Collectors of original art will be able to get an original piece by Russ Heath in both the black and blue label editions. Heath has painted a range of popular characters including COBRA COMMANDER , BARONESS and SNAKE EYES, with the Blue Label pieces being fully painted watercolors. This collection of classic comics is in an instant classic in its own right.

Pre-order’s are available now! (

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