Rest In Peace Sam Petrucci

It’s easy to forget that there are flesh and blood people behind the design and production of our favorite toyline throughout the year, but any time you get a chance to meet one of these artistic geniuses in person, it makes it a little more real.

That makes it all the more sad to report that according to the G.I. Joe Collectors Club legendary artist Sam Petrucci has passed away at the age of 86.  Mr. Petrucci worked alongside Hasbro and many other brands throughout his long and storied history, and was most keenly known as the man who created the original G.I. Joe logo and boxes in the 1960’s.

Sam Petrucci has been a constant presence at JoeCon throughout the years, and the impact of his work has been and will be felt and noticed in its rightful place in toy history.

Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to the Petrucci family.


G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals carded FSS 2.0 Cesspool

It’s been a while since we’ve heard or seen any real update to the second edition of the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Figure Subscription Service, and the Club is kicking things back off with a bang!

Over on the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Facebook page they have shown off the first carded image featuring Cesspool!  This is the first shot we’ve seen of the card and the figure, and I am loving this one.

Check out the mirrored image below.


IDW Publishing launches pre-orders for IDW Limited G.I. Joe Complete Collection vol. 2

IDW Publishing obviously has some love for the good old days of Marvel’s G.I. Joe title and has gone to great lengths to demonstrate that love.

The Real American Hero continuation has been fantastic, and IDW’s Complete Collection series (working hand in hand with Mark Bellomo) has crafted a really nice all encompassing run of the old Real American Hero titles.  IDW has taken this formula to their IDW Limited series as well, and Volume 2 is now up for pre-order!

With their exclusive Black Label, Blue Label, and Red Label offerings in the IDW Limited online store, there is something here for everyone, even featuring some exclusive art by comic legend Russ Heath.  I have the pleasure of owning Volume 1 of this great series (which I reviewed right here) and I cannot recommend the IDW Limited collections enough for the discriminating G.I. Joe comic fan.

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