Wordburglar’s “Welcome to Cobra Island” a rap revolution with a G.I. Joe twist

I’m always amazed at the wide net that gets cast for the action figure fandom, and G.I. Joe specifically.  Along with this, I’m incredibly impressed by the talent I see within the online Joe community, and not just with customs, dioramas, or collection pictures, but also real, true artistic talent.

When Wordburglar sent me word about his “Welcome To Cobra Island” rap album I was intrigued to say the least.  I wouldn’t consider myself a rap fan by any real stretch, but I can appreciate the talent involved, and I’ll be honest, this album is really impressive.

Every song is infused with a ton of G.I. Joe influence.  Not just little cameos here and there, but full blown verses and missives about our favorite 80’s property, and it happens to be a really nicely crafted rap album to boot.  Songs like “I don’t wanna go to Cobra La” and the three part “Letter from Snake Eyes” are filled with smile-inducing G.I. Joe representation, and I cannot get over how seamlessly Wordburglar blends great rap lyrics with strong influences from our youth.

The full album is available for a “Name You Price” digital download right here, and I hope folks will kick in some cash for this great item and encourage him to do more stuff like this.  You can also buy the CD for $13 (Canadian).  Check out all of Wordburglar’s history and accolades at Wordburglar.com and hit up the album while you’re at it.  As a Joe fan, trust me, you’ll dig it.


3 thoughts on “Wordburglar’s “Welcome to Cobra Island” a rap revolution with a G.I. Joe twist

  1. Like Justin, I’m also not much of a rap fan but I always enjoy the Wordburglar albums because they’re fun and filled with nerdy references. As a Joe fan this album is an absolute gem. It’s wall to wall Joe (mostly Cobra actually) and it’s very well executed. I whole heartedly recommend it.

  2. Even if I wasn’t a Joe nerd I would be lovin’ Burg’s lyrical skills and clever word play. The fact that he’s name-dropping Joes every other line just makes it that much better.

    I paid for the physical CD, and I don’t regret it in the least!

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