Amazing G.I. Joe print by Tom Whalen and Acid Free Gallery available at NYCC

Acid  Free Gallery has been spoken about on the site before, with some very cool G.I. Joe and Transformers prints that have been sold online and at conventions previously.

For NYCC 2013 a fantastic looking vintage themed print by artist Tom Whalen will be sold as an NYCC exclusive at booth 1779.  Celebrating the anniversary of the first G.I. Joe animated series we see an awesome artistic look at the G.I. Joe team, Cobra, and a great cameo by the MASS Device.

This is a heck of a great looking print, so if you’re going to be at the show, hit up booth 1779!  Chances are good it’ll be available online as well.  Keep watching the Acid Free Gallery Facebook Page for details.


The British Invasion returns – Boss Fight Studios infiltrates Roll Out Roll Call!

Even when official news from Hasbro is sparse, the best thing about an online community is the way we can all come together and form our own regional groups and have our own individual conventions to celebrate our fandom.

Across the pond, Dave Tree has been putting together an excellent show combining his love of G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Star Wars, and this year he’s adding some elements from Masters of the Universe and more.  Roll Out Roll Call is in it’s fourth year, and as always you can find it in Southampton at the Jurys Inn.

This year along with celebrated guests (including a few key members of the What’s on Joe Mind podcast) a few of the founding members of Boss Fight Studios will be making an appearance!  As you may or may not know, Boss Fight Studios is made up of several ex Hasbro employees and freelancers who have spent much of their toy design careers neck-deep in the G.I. Joe world.  They’ll be at Roll Out Roll Call doing sketches, live sculpting, and many other exciting events.

Along with this, they will have a special exclusive Roll Out Roll Call 4 print!  Based on the artwork from Marvel Comics’ G.I. Joe #1, this excellent exclusive art print is available primarily at the show, with extras hopefully available for sale afterwards.  Be sure to like Boss Fight Studios on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and take a peek at their awesome exclusive art print below.  Also check out the Roll Out Roll Call page for all the latest and greatest information on the upcoming show.



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