New G.I. Joe: Battleground PVP Event – Nemesis Rising!

If you’re anything like me, you were wondering exactly where Nemesis Enforcer was throughout all of these recent Cobra La events in G.I. Joe: Battleground. Well, wonder no longer, as a new PVP (Player Vs. Player) event begins today, and features the one and only winged Cobra La enforcer as the first ever Legendary Rarity card.

See the full details below, including images from event cards. And how about that? Direct To Consumer Major Bludd?! Excellent. There’s been an infusion of DTC inspired cards recently, with Scrap Iron, Mutt, and Salvo, and I love seeing the obscure source material used in the game. Very cool.

DeNA’s G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND mobile game is launching a new Player vs. Player (PvP) event called Global Warfare: Nemesis Rising. This exciting event will run through October 4, 2013.

About the Event

With the defeat of Golobulus in Shanghai, Cobra-La’s resurgence seems to have been ground to a halt. Nemesis Enforcer has awoken but is now without a master to take orders from. Without Golobulus’s command, Nemesis Enforcer has become a wild card. As Joe and Cobra forces battle each other around the world, it has become clear that Nemesis Enforcer’s intent is showering destruction all around him until he can be subdued by a new master.

G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND will introduce its first legendary rarity card – Nemesis Enforcer! Battle other players and reach the very top ranks for a chance to get this powerful new unit to your squads.


Download G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices for free at: Mobage | G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND

Check out the static images below, and be sure to check out Nemesis Enforcer and Major Bludd in their animated glory!

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  1. Any news regarding the new Simulator event? You are usually the first to know these things. Hoping for some insight!

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