Are you a New England based G.I. Joe fan? Join the Battle Force!

Regional G.I. Joe groups and conventions have been happening sporadically here and there, but are starting to become more and more common.  As official news from Hasbro themselves becomes harder and harder to come by, these regional groups have been banding together to enjoy the hobby in their own way, regardless of what’s happening at mass retail.

Throughout the past several years, there have been various groups of like-minded collectors from New England who have gotten together, but for the first time, a concerted effort to bridge the New England gap has emerged over on Facebook.

The BattleForce New England group had its first get together this past weekend down at Allora in Marlboro, MA and it was a blast!  There was good, lots of Joe nerd talk, a great trivia contest, and the event was capped off by some car-to-car trading in the parking lot.  There was an impressive turn out for the first meet up, and the promise is many more fun times to come!

We do understand that not everyone is on Facebook, so I will do the best I can to announce meet ups and events on GeneralsJoes as well so non-Facebook users can stay in the loop.  We want this to become a big event, and if the first meet up is any indication, there are some terrific times to look forward to ahead!  Check out some of the images from the first meet up below and hit up the BattleForce New England Facebook page to join the fun.


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