G.I. Joe: Battleground Operation Takedown Event featuring Golobulus!

Our short break from G.I. Joe: Battleground events has now ended, and the awesome Cobra La story continues! So far we’ve seen Pythona and the Royal Guard…well this latest Operation: Takedown event showcases Golobulus, who is making his move to topple the world powers!

For folks who have been playing G.I. Joe: Battleground, the formula is familiar. Based off of various boss fights or rampaging boss fights, you use your reloads to battle iterations of dangerous Cobra villains (in this case Golobulus) as you navigate through a special map. Keep your eyes open for Mainframe and Stalker, as they provide massive bonuses to your attack power!

Check out a small gallery of screenshots below and fire up G.I. Joe: Battleground! Let’s take down Cobra La!

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