More clarification from Mike Costa on the end of G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files

G.I. Joe comic fans were blindsided this afternoon when IDW’s December solicitations labeled The Cobra Files as its “final issue”. Widely regarded as one of the fan favorite titles of the IDW universe, Costa’s “Cobra” title dips into the murky depths that many other writers have been unwilling (or unable) to approach. There is a certain depth and design to the Costa universe (which was developed thanks to the expert assistance of co-creator Christos Gage and artist Antonio Fuso) that made these characters feel more real and very deeply flawed.

Yes, this is a good thing.

Questions immediately arose today with the announcement of the title’s cancellation, and it turns out, everything is simply going according to plan. Mike Costa fired up his Twitter account and spoke out about the wrap up of G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files.

“Yes, the final issue of COBRA FILES is 9. That may seem premature, but I’ve been building to this for two years – long before the relaunch”

“I want to thank IDW and Hasbro for letting me end this run the way I always intended. And it’s not the last you’ll see of me in the Joeverse”

“Some characters’ stories will end FOR EVER. Some characters will show up in other books. Some of those books will be written by me.”

So it sounds like there are other plans for Costa’s characters and his writing throughout IDW’s G.I. Joe universe, and I suppose if the Cobra title had to end, I’m happy it ended on Costa’s terms and on his time table. Knowing what we do about Costa’s past work, its obvious he’s not afraid to make some waves with his story and his characters, so I think it’s safe to say we’re in for an exciting and bumpy ride over the next few months. A perfect conclusion to a terrific book.


IDW Solicitations for December, 2013 reveals the fate of the Cobra Files

Say it ain’t so!

Arguably the single best IDW G.I. Joe book since it first debuted, Mike Costa’s excellent book focusing on the seedy underbelly of the G.I. Joe universe looks to be wrapping up its impressive run in December of this month. IDW Publishing solicitations have been released, and confirmed within those solicitations is that Issue #9 will be the final issue for G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files.

This is a punch in the gut to many Joe fans who considered Costa’s work to be among the best the IDW G.I. Joe universe has been graced with over the past several years. Building a fantastic, gritty universe for our G.I. Joe and Cobra characters to battle in, Costa did what many have never dared to do. Take a somewhat outlandish and sometimes campy concept and turn it dark, dreary, and melodramatic, yet still retain the same sense of contained adventure. It was a very impressive direction to go, and Costa has been doing it nearly flawlessly for several years.

While that’s the headline of the December solicitations, there are many other interesting elements to that month as well (particularly Fred Van Lente’s last issue with the G.I. Joe flagship title). Check out the full solicitation list below.

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