Comic Book Resources catches up with the IDW G.I. Joe writers

In a terrific, funny, and fast paced four-way conversation, the folks from Comic Book Resources have connected with Fred Van Lente (G.I. Joe), Chuck Dixon (Special Missions), and Mike Costa (The Cobra Files) to speak about the current state of the IDW G.I. Joe universe and where we are heading from here.

There is some great insight about fan response to each individual title, what to expect in the coming months (The Cobra Files sounds like it’s going to get intense).

Check out this great interview over onĀ Comic Book Resources.


Evan Daugherty on board to write G.I. Joe 3 screenplay

It seems like the news flood for G.I. Joe: Retaliation just barely came to a stop a few weeks ago, and now we’re seeing trickles of information for the upcoming G.I. Joe 3. We already knew director Jon Chu was on board to direct the third film, and now reports from HD Room are that Evan Daugherty will be writing the screenplay this time around.

Daugherty doesn’t have a wealth of writing credits to his name, but one recent film was Snow White and the Huntsman. You can check out his IMDB profileĀ right here.

No concrete release date for the film has been established yet, but indications are that it could hit as soon as 2015. That seems a bit quick to me, but if that does hold true, I’m sure we’ll be hearing news about it pretty soon.