Fred Van Lente to leave G.I. Joe flagship title with Issue #11

Only a few short days after I reviewed G.I. Joe #7 and praised Van Lente for his interesting new direction for G.I. Joe, Newsarama reports that as of issue #11, Van Lente is leaving the title. They post a full blown interview of the writer of G.I. Joe, and it appears that the departure is scheduled and amicable.

Interestingly enough, Van Lente will be leaving the book on a Roadblock origin series, which will supposedly feature a Sigma 6 style cameo! Interesting.

Artist Steve Kurth is staying on the book, and a new writer has not yet been announced.

Best of luck to Fred on his future endeavors! He’s always been very approachable and a great resource for the fans throughout his time on the title, I’ll be watching to see what else he has up his sleeve.


4 thoughts on “Fred Van Lente to leave G.I. Joe flagship title with Issue #11

  1. I’m actually not saddened by this. I read the Homefront TPB over the weekend for the first time and found it to be a frustrating read. There’s not a lot of consistency with what we’ve seen in IDW’s universe and a lot of character directions that just seem to be “kewl”.

  2. Well that was a short run. At this point I think IDW has made to many mistakes to recover me as a reader, which is odd, because I tend to think the writers are good and the art fantastic, but the Dixon made some early choices that are set in stone, as did Hasbro apparently, that I have a hard time getting past. It’s hard to be a Joe writer, even among good writers.

    Here is hoping the bring Jerwa back, or maybe reboot again and stick closer the original with some POC updates to look and tech.

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