Two new Kre-O set listings appear in Toys “R” Us Computers

I was just digging through my review of the second wave of Kre-O mini figures when this news popped in my feed appropriately. According to Master Chief over two new listings have appeared in Toys “R” Us computers for upcoming G.I. Joe Kre-O sets!

The listings are as follows:

GI JOE Kreo Wolverine Tank $29.99
GI JOE Kreo Outpost Defender $12.99

Master Chief has been a long time G.I. Joe fan and has been a very reliable source of information in the past, so I have no reason to doubt his information. This is great news for those of us Kre-O fanatics who have been anticipating some new trickle of information.

According to Master Chief, these sets may even hit in time for the Holiday season!

Sound off below! Are you excited? What do you think these sets will contain?

Personally, I’m not entirely sure if the “Wolverine” will truly be a classic “Wolverine”. The $29.99 price point is a bit higher than something of that size might indicate. I think we might get a more full-fledged battle tank, but I could be wrong.

Regardless, I’m excited to see and hear more! Thanks to Master Chief for the intel.


4 thoughts on “Two new Kre-O set listings appear in Toys “R” Us Computers

  1. I am thrilled to be getting more Kre-O G.I. Joe stuff. I am lucky enough to have found one complete set of the Wave 2 Blind Bags. I can’t wait for the Temple and the Ghost Striker to hit local shelves. I am glad the line is continuing with the 2 new sets. Even if they are not perfectly-accurate representation of the original vehicles, they will have a place in my collection.

  2. For reference, the Cobra Armored Assault set (that included Flint and an ATV) was also $30. It could be a large tank and small Cobra vehicle like the Ferret, but my guess would be a smaller tank and a Stinger. After all they stuck the VAMP into the Serpent Armor set. For that price point, I would also expect 3-4 figures. Cover Girl (obviously) and an original 13 member, like silver pads Grand Slam with Jump Jet. Gray Stinger Driver and Scrap Iron would be great for the Cobras. How’s that for a battle in a box?

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