YoJoe Pro – A great resource for managing, selling, and trading your collection

I think I speak for nearly every G.I. Joe fan online when I gush about what a great resource YoJoe has been over the years.  Tracking the new figures, in depth and intricate listings of variations, vehicles with their drivers, and even dipping into the accessory realm with the great Whobit.

But have you checked it out lately?  And have you considered YoJoe Pro?  YoJoe Pro is like YoJoe on steroids…  you can track your collection based on the figures in the fantastic YoJoe database, and then sell or trade your extras with the simple click of a button.

Base membership is 100% free and allows you to organize your collection with checklists and provides unlimited listings to sell items in your collection for free.  If you item sells, there is a miniscule .99 (or 2.5% of sell price) fee, which is a fraction of what eBay would charge you.

But if you think you’re going to be a heavy user, consider one of the paid plans.  Starting at $20 per year (yes, less than $2 per month) you have all the same functionality as the free version, plus exporting your collection to Excel, and adding photos or notes to your collection entries.  It really is awesome functionality that can really personalize your own collection.  Along with this, you get 25 free sell listings per year.  There are other paid options as well, and each offers more free sell listings.

These are all amazing resources for maintaining your collection of G.I. Joe figures, which can get out of hand very quickly (I speak from experience) and I would strongly recommend signing up and kicking the tires.  I’m currently a member, and it’s been an awesome addition to my G.I. Joe life.

Check out the YoJoe Pro page for all of the details!  Yo Pro!