G.I. Joe Discussion Group on Facebook reveals awesome Argen 7 artwork

In the past several years, the online landscape for G.I. Joe discussion has changed pretty significantly.  When I came on board this crazy train over 13 years ago, there was essentially the YoJoe Mailing List, which then evolved into various different online websites and message boards.  Since then, HissTank.com has obviously changed the discussion environment, but more and more social media is staking its claim for invaluable G.I. Joe discussion.

This has never been more true than with the G.I. Joe Discussion Group on Facebook.  Involving several former Hasbro designers and long time fans of the brand, this group is ripe with terrific conversation about G.I. Joe…everything from 1982 (and before) to the modern day.  Recently, a long time collector (who chooses to remain anonymous) revealed some incredible original product art for the mythical Argen 7 series of foreign figures from Argentina.  Long revered as some of the rarest and most sought after foreign figures in existence, this is a terrific find and a great reveal.

Gyre-Viper was able to coordinate the reveal, and the discussion around it has been terrific.  If you have a passion for the brand, do yourself a favor and check out G.I. Joe Discussion on Facebook.  It’s been a fantastic experience and source of great conversation already in its short life.