GeneralsJoes wraps up Wave 3.5 Reviews with Flint and Cobra Combat Ninja

Reviewing a 12 figure wave can be intimidating, but I can now officially sign off on the Wave 3.5 reviews with the final two installments – Flint and Cobra Combat Ninja! Both figures use mostly existing tooling, but do so in very unique ways, giving us film accurate versions of some very important characters in the G.I. Joe mythology.

Check out my G.I. Joe: Retaliation Review Page, or click the links directly below!


9 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes wraps up Wave 3.5 Reviews with Flint and Cobra Combat Ninja

  1. On the back of Flint’s package there is a picture of the “canceled” red ninja, does anyone know if he will be released

  2. I cannot say enough how much I want that monoeye head. I LOVE IT SO. I’ma gona have to get a few of those figures to make sure I have enough of those heads to spread around, ’cause I know they’re gona look good all over. In fact, I’ve got a Accelerator Suit with that head’s name on it….

  3. I cant wait to get flint…i pre ordered it in june & still waitin on it to be posted over to ireland

  4. So in this wave we have a tribute to the ASP, FANG, CLAW, and HISS. I’m surprised the Data Viper’s drone wasn’t decked out like a Rattler. (Also, Cobra really loved acronyms in the 80’s.)

  5. Flint is badass!

    I didn’t get why he was always moping around when I saw the film (which made sense in the extended cut) but he was my favorite character in the movie. He was essentially Snake Eyes without a sword and his combat parkour was awesome.

  6. Loving the ‘Combat Ninja’ trooper. I hope they use that head on a future generic Cobra trooper release, like the dollar stores or something.

  7. Hey Justin, that isn’t an automation shotgun. it’s an ICS-191 GLM Grenade Launcher. Great Review though!

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