Getcher “Blind Bag” codes for G.I. Joe Kre-O Wave 2 right here!

Reports came in over the weekend that Wave 2 of the surprisingly popular G.I. Joe Kre-On Blind Bag figures was spotted in a California Toys “R” Us, and the word went out requesting codes for those bags. While these items are “blind bagged” each one has a unique code that allows you to effectively choose which figure you’re buying. I know I appreciate that, and I’m sure other Joe fans do as well.

Well over on Twitter, AT_GIJoe made a great image that outlines the entire series of codes for Wave 2.

These codes came courtesy of Dryhawk37 over at You can see the codes in text below, and the image is hosted below that. Thanks goes out to skinny at SerpentorsLair, too for directing this information to me.

31831 58-BAT
31831 78-Land Adventurer
31831 79-Mutt & Junkyard
31831 80-Flash
31831 81-Tunnel Rat
31831 82-Snow Job
31831 83-Blowtorch
31831 84-Slice
31831 85-Ripper
31831 86-Eels]
31831 87-Mindbender
31831 88-Bludd


3 thoughts on “Getcher “Blind Bag” codes for G.I. Joe Kre-O Wave 2 right here!

  1. I’m managing to resist these toys, but in addition to the ’70s-style figure, I’m gonna need a damn Tunnel Rat.

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