G.I. Joe Kre-O Mini Figures Wave 2 Spotted on the West Coast

There has been a flood of new G.I. Joe product pummeling G.I. Joe fans over the past several weeks, from high end 12″ product, to retail release 4″ figures, and now you can add Wave 2 of the G.I. Joe Kre-On mini figures to the mix!

Over on HissTank.com Tron reports that he found Wave 2 of these awesome little Kre-Ons at a Toys “R” Us in California. For folks who aren’t aware, the Kre-Ons typically have codes on the blind bags, so even if you can’t see inside the bag, you know what you’re getting.

So far, according to The Terror Drome on Twitter, the codes of the three found figures are as follows:

Cobra B.A.T. – 31831 58
Cobra Eel – 31831 86
Dr. Mindbender – 31831 87

The entire roster of Wave 2:

  1. Blowtorch
  2. Land Adventurer
  3. Dr. Mindbender
  4. Cobra B.A.T.
  5. Flash
  6. Major Bludd
  7. Slice
  8. Snow Job
  9. Ripper
  10. Tunnel Rat
  11. Mutt & Junkyard
  12. Cobra Eel


Happy Hunting, Joe fans!


One thought on “G.I. Joe Kre-O Mini Figures Wave 2 Spotted on the West Coast

  1. Anyone know if these are being sold as a new item or if they’ll be under the same shelf tag as series 1? I know the Series 2 figures have a “Series 2” green banner across the tops of the bags (as seen at SDCC) but I don’t know if TRU will SKU them as a new item or not. If not it could make for some trouble when ordering online (which is the only way I’ve gotten any of the Kreons).

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