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Hi folks, please find enclosed our latest news and new product updates.

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The burning question for everyone right now is: when will you have the
wave 3B GI JOE Retaliation figure case?  We can announce that 100% of
our orders have been confirmed by Hasbro.  This usually means shipment
is about one week away but we were unable to pin down a better date as
Hasbro’s offices were closed on 8/9 and will also be closed on 8/12.
We still have some figures available for pre-order.  Please get your
pre-orders in as it is unlikely that this assortment will be available
from Hasbro beyond initial orders.

We also have Retaliation wave 4 figures available for pre-order.  This
assortment includes three new figures (Blind Master, Night-Viper, and
Jinx).  Also re-released in the assortment will be Lady Jaye, Joe Colton,
Alley-Viper, and a few other figures that only got a limited release earlier
this year.  We have the best deal going for these figures in sets of 3,
sets of 9, and the full case.

Also, the Eagle Hawk helicopter is back in stock.


We are pleased to announce that the vintage GI JOE clear figure stands are
back in stock!  We are with a new injection molder and are very excited about
the super-high quality and clarity of the new parts.  (Next on deck, the
return of our APEX Display Case!)


In other news, we’ve reduced prices on all of our GI JOE comic incentive /
retailer exclusive covers to just $4.99.  Be sure to check all of the IDW
comic categories to see what is still available.  They are very small
print runs.  We usually got only 3-4 copies of each special cover (and that
was when Diamond’s warehouse staff wasn’t stealing them from our orders.)

Other new selections at the site include new listings for GI JOE club and
convention exclusives, a lot of carded Battle Corps figures from the early
90’s, and a variety of carded GI JOE vs. COBRA, Spy Troops, and Valor vs.
Venom from 00’s.

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Rejoice! GeneralsJoes is back online and error free (mostly)!

At least I think it is.

I know over the past couple of weeks, this Error 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable thing has been cropping up more and more frequently.  So much so that I’ve trimmed down my plug ins and backed out to a much more generic template, which I think turned out okay anyway.

Speaking of this template, a HUGE thanks goes out to Brian who came up with an altered GeneralsJoes logo to fit this theme on very short notice.  Brian, you’re the man, thanks!

But I believe I have isolated the issues causing these errors and resolved them, and fingers crossed, we should be okay going forward.

Thanks very much for your patience…don’t hesitate to let me know if you run across these error messages again.  I’ve been hammering on the site all night tonight, and everything seems to be okay, but your mileage may vary.

Just in time for the onslaught of Wave 3.5 reviews next week!  :)

G.I. Joe Kre-O Mini Figures Wave 2 Spotted on the West Coast

There has been a flood of new G.I. Joe product pummeling G.I. Joe fans over the past several weeks, from high end 12″ product, to retail release 4″ figures, and now you can add Wave 2 of the G.I. Joe Kre-On mini figures to the mix!

Over on HissTank.com Tron reports that he found Wave 2 of these awesome little Kre-Ons at a Toys “R” Us in California. For folks who aren’t aware, the Kre-Ons typically have codes on the blind bags, so even if you can’t see inside the bag, you know what you’re getting.

So far, according to The Terror Drome on Twitter, the codes of the three found figures are as follows:

Cobra B.A.T. – 31831 58
Cobra Eel – 31831 86
Dr. Mindbender – 31831 87

The entire roster of Wave 2:

  1. Blowtorch
  2. Land Adventurer
  3. Dr. Mindbender
  4. Cobra B.A.T.
  5. Flash
  6. Major Bludd
  7. Slice
  8. Snow Job
  9. Ripper
  10. Tunnel Rat
  11. Mutt & Junkyard
  12. Cobra Eel


Happy Hunting, Joe fans!