The Full Force Action Force Podcast – Episode One is now online

What’s on Joe Mind has gone International! So much more than just a WOJM spin-off, the Full Force Podcast features the legendary British talents of Dave, Eddie, and Chris, who tackle podcasting from the other side of the pond. They contain literally an encyclopedic knowledge about G.I. Joe’s European contingent “Action Force” and offer some awesome insight as well as some great humor as well.

Episode One is officially online, and they are joined by Mike, Gary, and Justin from What’s on Joe Mind in a fearless clash of cultures… nobody was left whole after this one.

Some great conversation about a branch of G.I. Joe many folks are only peripherally aware of, and these guys speak with a level of expertise that is both impressive and a great listen. They take some time to speak with James Marshall from Blood for the Baron, and also talk to the guys at Boss Fight Studios about how they might customize some Action Force characters.

Check out the episode on, and take a peek at the show notes right here.

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